I've Worked With These Artists, Producers and Songwriters.

A Long List Of Talented And Colorful People!

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Lynyrd Skynyrd "Street Survivors" Album
Tom Dowd/MCA Records
Rod Stewart "FootLoose and Fancy Free" Album Engineered "Hot Legs" and other songs.
Tom Dowd/Warner Bros. Records
Rod Stewart "When We Were the New Boys" Album Engineered Most of Album.
Rod/Kevin Savigar/Warner Bros. Records
Daryl Hall and John Oates Engineered and mixed album/singles including "Sara Smile"
Chris Bond/RCA Records
The Corrs "Talk On Street Corners"
Engineered Five Songs
Oliver Leiber/Atlantic/143 Records/Lava
Beth Hart
I engineeered five songs
Oliver Leiber/143 Records
Senator O'Brien
First Five Songs
Ray Kennedy/Mick Fleetwood
Various Artists on Handel's "Messiah, A Soulful Celebration"
Won A Grammy
David Pack/Warner's
Various Artists on "The Songs of West Side Story"
Co-engineered and mixed with Allen Sides
David Pack/RCA/BMG Records
Mick Jagger
Engineered a track for "Sweet Thing"
Mick with Rick Rubin
Enrique Iglesais "Enrique Iglesais"
Engineered some O/D's
Won A Grammy
Rafael Pérez-Botija/Polygram Records
Ambrosia's Greatest Hits Album
Co-Engineered 3 new songs with Alan Parsons
David Pack/Warners
Andrae Crouch "Tribute-The Songs of Andrae Crouch"
I engineered title song.
Won a Grammy
David Pack/Warner Alliance

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