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Feature Films, Themes and Television
"Mission Impossible II"
I Engineered And Recorded Some Rock Cues
For Oliver Leiber/David Gamson
Hans Zimmer
Soul Train Themes
(used over six years)
I Engineered and mixed three different themes.
Don Cornelius
"Throb" T.V. Show Weekly pre-records
Teena Clark
"Shy People"- (Starring Jill Clayburgh)
Produced, Engineered and mixed cues,end title
Rudolph/Bishop Cannon Films
"American Ninja II"
Produced various source music
B. Rudolph/Michael Bishop/Cannon Films
"Nightmare on Elm Street IV"
Engineered and mixed
Craig Safan/New Line Pictures
"Stripped to Kill II"
Engineered and mixed score
Gary Stockdale/New Line Pictures
"A Night in Magic Castle"
Engineered and mixed score
Rudolph/Bishop/Disney Films
"Fried Green Tomatoes"
Engineered some of Soundtrack Album
Arthur Baker/MCA Records
Mixed one song featuring Tracie Spencer
Dr. Jam/MCA Records
"Look Whose Talking III"
Engineered End Title
Jeff Pescetto/Tri-Star Pictures

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