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At the right is Peg! Arranger and music producer, Peter Leinheiser told me "She is the fastest dog in Studio City and she loves to kill things."

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Karli "I believe I have the cutest puppy alive!!" So says Lori E. Tangredi, Assistant Account Executive Giles Communications. "Her name is Karli and she will be a year old on April 8th. She is a black cocker spaniel with lots of spunk! She loves chewing on couches and stealing sox, but she is the best picture poser and loves cuddling. The photo attached is Karli at about 5 months old."

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Account executive Phil Moon from Loft Marketing sent me this glamorous shot of Merlot. This was taken at a recent NAMM the fashion and makeup booth. (I think)
Merlot, not a wine, but a Weimaraner. Just a year old, he is a fine speciman who regularly shares the offices of Loft to protect the new lawn from other dogs.

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