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Puffy He is Katie Takahashi's 13 year old Puffy. He's very grown-up, and lives with her parents in Tokyo, Japan. Katie says "I couldn't possibly bring him along to my New York apartment where I reside today...I miss him very much."

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Mica Wood Rose 09-04-89 to 10-04-01
Susan writes:
"She was a very special wolf-hybrid dog. Mica the couch wolf - her favorite movie was White Fang 2. She did much to dispel the image of the "vicious" wolf. Her kisses were not fast and furious lappings, as some dogs, but very slow and meaningful. The only time she snarled at a human was when she was helping me babysit the neighboring twins, protecting them from the strangers that came to use the phone when their car broke down. Usually when strangers came she was timid and shy and would hide if they made her uncomfortable. She was a great judge of human character, and she loved children more than anything, considering herself their personal protector. One day we will be together again, in The Great Mystery. Those lucky enough to have known her are forever changed, for the better Mica is sadly missed by her many friends."

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Gordon Site visitor Jerry Hight tells me that: "A year ago my daughter asked if we would like to have a dog. I said no. Three months later, on a Friday night, she brought this little friend home for a visit. Well at first he was a little nervous but after sniffing around the house for a few minutes, he jumped up in my favorite chair with me. He has been there ever since and now he is my dog and I couldn't be happier. What a JOY. His name Is Gordon, an American Tan Cocker Spaniel and five years old."

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