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Dr. Richard Littlefield writes: "Here's a pic of my female mini-dachsund, Sofie after her massive back surgery on Jan. 1, 2001. She had slipped a disk and was paralyzed in her rear legs. Three weeks after the surgery, she started walking again and has been fine ever since. More than 2,000 dollars for the operation!

Moral of story: don't let dachsunds get fat and/or run up and down stairs."

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3Dogs From Seattle , WA, David Gross sent me this beautiful picture of his 3 DogsI. He works for Microsoft as an audio engineer/composer and actually did the music/sound design for a number of demos showing off the 5.1 surround features of the Windows Media 9 Series. Obiviously a dog lover, he tells me to: "Give the furry ones a cookie for me!"

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Here is Poppy, a 4 year old yellow lab, who likes to fetch tennis balls and toys and is very well behaved since her owner (Amy "The Puppy Lady") is a dog trainer. Executive Paul J. de Benedictis of Euphonix sends this picture and story in from Northern California.

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