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At the right is Winston. Television sound mixer and recording engineer Mike Mazetti says Winston is doing his best work here in this candid picture. It's a dog life isn't it!

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Molly and Luby Molly and Luby are two adorable dogs sent in by Veronique Froment of Wave Mechanics. The cute red head is called Molly and the baby is Luby. They're both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They understand French and English (thanks to me their Mom), and have an affinity with all things musical thanks to Doug, their Dad. They are both madly in love with White Fang.

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Luca And Puzo Luca Happy Trixi
Amy Giglio of Shreveport, Louisiana sends me three cool pictures of her dog collection.

Luca (on the left) was adopted from Petco in Shreveport, Louisiana in early April, 2003. He came from a Louisiana parish where there is no dog shelter, so he's especially lucky. This photo was taken shortly after his adoption. We were told that he was a pug mix. WRONG! My husband says his great-grandmother might have been 1/8 pug, but Luca is all muscle and a lot German Shepherd. We love him anyway! The other dog Puzo, a shepherd/chow mix we found two years ago on the street, starving, flea-infested and only two months old.

In the middle picture is Luca today. He isn't spoiled at all.

On the right is Trixi, our black cocker spaniel. She is ten and a little cranky towards Luca sometimes, but sweet as pie to her mommy (me).

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