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max Here is Max Manley, the pride and joy of Ms. EveAnna Manley. EveAnna owns and runs Manley Laboratories purveyor of the finest audio recording and reproduction gear in the world. EveAnna talks fondly of Max: "I picked him out at the pound...he was probably born in April 1999 because he shed the rest of his baby teeth in September '99."

She continues with: "He's a smart boy, learning his commands: SIT, SPEAK, PLACE, and FREE. He's also good with ROLLOVER, SHAKE, and GROWL. He likes to chew his rawhide bones and run around the yard. He loves everybody but will bark at strange noises. Actually he is not fond of the uniform service man who comes and changes our shop smocks and utility rugs. And he hates the guy who comes to read the gas meter."

The right photo shows Max with his best friend, Bongo, a 120 lb. Rhodesian Ridgeback. Max likes to chew Bongo's ears, even when Bongo is on PLACE.

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two dogs

Charlie Lobo Charlie And Zele Here is Charlie Lobo a mix of Beagle/Dachshund/ChiWa. Owner C Jo Go says he is a SPCA rescue dog who enjoys visiting his favorite restaurants, book stores, and grocery stores in very animal-tolerant Carmel, CA. "We are presently teaching him French & German commands and he shares his home with a 18-year old Zele in the picture at the right. Most of the time Charlie sits at my feet while I mix music in my studio. I started recording in the early 70's and toured in bands until 80's. I specialize in recording songwriters and not full bands. So all my percussion sounds are Kurzweil samples played on MIDI pads".
C Jo also mentions his cousin, Terrence Mappes of Bloomington, IN, who operates a nice-looking studio that features: AKG, Alesis, Aphex, ART, Avalon-Audio, Source, AudioTechnica, Behringer, BLUE, CAD, DBX, Dynaco, Event, FatKat, Lexicon, Kurzweil, Manley, Marantz, Orban, Panasonic, Rode Tube, Roland, RNC, Sony, Summit Audio, Tascam, TC Electronics, TL Audio gear.

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Chance Perry Jordan, who has played in a band called Heartsfield for 30 years, did three records for Mercury and one for Columbia but now has no label deal. He has recorded all over including some of my old 'haunts' like Criteria, Record Plant, Wally Heiders and Automat. Perry's band Web site also has a Hall of Dogs So check it out!

Jordon writes: "Chance (at the left) is a very intimidating feller running about 120 lbs. of manly, powerful beauty. His grandaddy was a champion SchutzHund who ranked in the top 10 of the world for some years while ma and paw were a very nice German Shepard couple that inspired awe and uneasiness at first glance. He is my devoted side kick who has an uncanny ablilty to read my mind and most times looks at me with deep consternation as to where that mind goes. He is on the "Rescue The Dog" CD cover so Chance by a quirk of fate lingers in record stores and living rooms around the country. Seems it went to his head a bit, the quality and level of cusine he now demands looks like the dressing room rider of Ozzie Osbourne or the Stones!!! Well at least he doesn't gripe about me playin' loud music, at band rehearsal he'll just hang out in front of the amp line and sleep."

Jordan goes on about his number 2 dog, Molly (on the right side): "Molly is my baby living stuffed animal--like when you were a kid and wished your favorite stuffed bear was real and alive, that's her. I was always a big dog guy and never had much desire to be in the company of small GIRL dogs. Then I inherited this white bundle of joy from my broken home and have fallen hard for those heart melting eye's. She is a Shitzu/Poodle mix but around here she is treated like a real dog, so she is as tough as they come. She climbs tree trunks, runs through rivers, tears it up in the woods every bit as much as the big boys. Pound for pound she as strong as either of the fellers and actually she is the boss around here. Yes when she barks the boys listen. At the same time she can melt the coldest person around with those darlin' eyes and her incredible ability to lay the "I'm so soft and cute" act on at an Oscar winning level. Guess I am a sucker for pretty eye's. Hey Hey Molly Eye's !!!!" Molly

Trev Jordan continues with his third dog, Trevor. "This guy down here on the left is a special boy--the dog that Rescue The Dog is named after. He was rescued from amongst a whole herd of pups we found under a factory where we rehearse. Trevor was the first to come out of the cave and also the sickest. Today he is a strong happy dog, ridin' around town in a new conversion van never worrying about eatin' again, just plain ol' spoiled. As far as we can figure, he's a mix of Pit Bull, German Shepard and some kind of hunting hound because he can howl like the dickins with the best of them. Yep, Trevor won the puppy lotto and is living the life of a pampered dude. He prefers the more rockin' Heartsfield songs, must be cause he's a transplanted city boy but slowly I am getting him to warm up to some country tunes especially the one's about dogs and huntin'.

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