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Shadow Royer Labs CEO is Shadow. Shadow is 2 years old, friendly and protective, and sleeps with her owner Rick Perrotta, Royer Labs' President. "If she were human I think Rick would marry her" says John Jennings, Royer's marketing director. "Shadow eats better than you and I do - you should see the stuff Rick cooks her. She pays it back with lotsa love, and is top-pal to everyone at Royer Labs!"
Years later, Rick sent me this shot of Shadow living the life in a Triumph TR-4: "I just thought I would let you know that Shadow is still around and doing well. She'll be 10-years old in a few months and still goes to work with me every day. Here's a recent picture of her as she accompanied me on a road rally. She loves cruising in the car."

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When you look up "basset hound" in the dictionary you get: "short-legged dog, a kind of hound with a long body, short crooked forelegs and long, dooping ears, used in hunting" You also get a picture of Stanley. Record producer and songwriter Oliver Leiber is quite proud of Stan The Man seen here investigating and reporting on the view from the ground floor.

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Monkey The newest addition to the Oliver Leiber family is Monkey, a bordeaux mastiff who is so very shy yet coquettish. She is less than a year old and very interested in all people and things up at Ollywood. This photo was taken at the same instant as the photo above...pardon Stan's backside. He is not "taking aim"!

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