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Tracy Seen here are Tracy, the black Labrador, and Gwynn an Irish setter playing together in the outdoor lounge area of Bob Stone Mastering Studios. Since good mastering is a time-intensive process, both Tracy and Gwynn always have friends (us) to play with.

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Here is Kiah. Bob Stone tells me that she is a rescue case and her story will be here shortly.

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Bronson Bronson, with a mouthful of joy, is Claris Sayadian-Dodge's good friend. Bronson is a 5-year old lab mix who pretends to be on duty all the time. You know he loves you when he's willing to share his favorite toys: a chopstick or a few tennis balls. His picture was posted on Claris' office door at Ocean Way Recording Studios right along side the big rock stars. Currently Bronson is on the advisory board of his master's new on-line venture serving the recording industry. He's happily married to Tilly, a black lab (sorry, no pix yet). Bronson gets very jealous!

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