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Bailey "My 10 lb macho body builder, killer cockapoo is called Bailey. Normally he would not be seen in pearls, but he was modeling for a pet rescue home in Arizona that raises money by selling necklaces for dogs. It is" So says proud owner Bambi Byrens, a retired music business manager now content to stay home and derive pleasure from the activities of her animals. Bambi continues: "He growls a lot and is proud when bigger dogs surrender to him. He takes away all the toys and bones from his german shepherd sister Lilly (below) and hides them under the couch. He growls to prevent sharing the bed with his sister or if he is awakened suddenly. He growls if anyone looks at his carrot or his bone. He love Snackwells or any people junk food for that matter. He has spent quite a bit of time as a visitor/circus dog in homes for the elderly. He's really just a con man who likes the attention."

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Bambi's other dog is Lilly her baby girl german shepherd. Bambi relates: "Somehow, she cannot grasp the concept that she is not a tiny dog. She specializes in feline discipline and can frequently be found with the cat's neck in her mouth. Then again, on occasion the cat can be found chasing a large german shepherd from room to room."

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Lassie From audio equipment designer Allan Bradford in England is a page out of doggy history! This is Lassie, pictured in about 1958. Allan explains: "She was my mother's dog really, bought for company and protection when my dad worked nights at the brewery, but I grew up with her. My best friend and staunchest ally, this black and white Collie/Spaniel was the sweetest natured dog there ever was (but fierce in defence and she just didn't allow fighting among the family!). We will never forget her, or her habit of stealing our ice creams!"

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