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Our dog, Ellie, is a 13-pound Jack Russell Terrier. She turned 6 yesterday. Not having met your Amy, I think Ellie is the sweetest thing on four wheels.

Ellie loves ice cream. Some nights (not every night), she starts craving ice cream at about 10pm. She starts bouncing on her forelegs, with a huge toothy grin and calls out what she wants, "ARGH rrrrrrgh! ARGH rrrrrgh!" (We've tried to coach her on diction, but her therapist says she can't form consonants.) Before she can have any dessert, though, she must assure us she's finished her regular food. Once we see that she's cleaned her bowl and praise her, she takes off like a rocket, making a dozen or so orbits around the dining table (always clockwise, of course) at blinding speed. Finally, she gets several spoonfuls of "yummy delicious" ice cream. I stopped putting a scoop in her bowl, because she always tries to swallow it whole. Can you say "brain freeze?" As nauseating as all this sounds to someone who's never witnessed it, that's how funny it is to actually see.

Walt Stites, Marshall Arts Recording

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Koji Koji here is more well known in the village of Ojai, CA than his owner Denzyl Feigelson. "Since he will not poop in our yard, he cruises around town looking for hideaway spots. He loves to hike in the mountains as he is an old Japanese breed from the Inu tribe bred for hunting small game and protecting their caves. I see this behavior mostly on our camping trips where he sits at the entrance of our tent, guarding. The markings on his forehead make it look like his eyes are always open- even when he is sleeping. His name is derived from Koguma which means "little bear" in Japanese. Shiba-Inu's are a great breed and are sometimes called cat dogs, as they like to clean themselves. He is also the perfect size - about 38 lbs and looking a lot like a miniature Husky, although there is no relation."

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Bill Robinson of Redwood Music Corporation sent this picture of their employee of the month, their lab/chow mix Angel. "Angel works in the office and the warehouse. It's a blue collar job, hence the blue scarf, which she wears only when on duty."

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