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PD September 29, 2000 - Woodinville, Washington - Mackie Designs sadly announces that on the morning of September 28, 2000, P.D. aka Phy Deaux, the company's corporate Chihuahua, passed away. P.D. was just shy her thirteenth birthday.

P.D.'s image as Mackie's Corporate Chihuahua rose to prominence in Mackie collateral material, advertisements, web sites, marketing videos, and product manuals. So well-known was P.D. to Mackie employees, distributors, reps and customers, that in 1995 a bronze cast of P.D. was produced as the highest award that could be bestowed upon a Mackie Designs Sales Rep.

What is important to remember is that P.D. was never a 'mascot'. A mascot is a good luck charm or symbol for a group or sports team. When you see an animal or person dressed up in the colors of a team, this is actually a symbol of the symbol. P.D. was never a mascot. She was a Mackoid.

P.D. was a major component of many advertising campaigns. Michele Kellett, Mackie's Director of Advertising, states, "P.D. was not an animal actor playing a role to sell product. P.D. was an icon who Mackie users felt endeared to. A large part of her contribution to Mackie was her 'realness'. Mackie did not devise a corporate Chihuahua as a marketing ploy. She was every bit a Mackoid, constantly skittering around here on a daily basis."

Christopher Buttner, Mackie's Publicity Director, adds, "It is really amazing to see how P.D. touched people. Easily half of all the pictures I receive from Mackie users with their Mackie equipment include their beloved pet right beside or sometimes proudly perched on their mixers, consoles, or speakers."

Ron Koliha, Mackie's Marketing Deity and P.D's owner, simply states, "P.D. was the one who I could turn to for honest critiques of all of my marketing concepts. If she didn't like it, she would simply piddle on it... literally. P.D. will surely be missed."

A private ceremony in remembrance of P.D. was held at Woodinville's Red Hook Brewery, on Friday night, September 29, 2000.

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ALLY Bassist Jim McBroom for the St. Louis-based group Human Noise sent in two dog pictures. First up is Ally The Singing Dog. Ally is a German Shepard and is 10 months old. Jim says: "she is very bright and is always eager to please me. Recently I discovered her singing abilities while practicing. She always listens with great interest (unlike some audiences) when I play, and will not start vocalizing until I do. I was pretty amazed when she started learning where the breaks and choruses were, but when she consistently started hitting those 3rds and 5ths I LOST IT. Ally will be entered in the St. Louis Singing Dog Contest this summer and I think she wants to do a little acapella thing with Track Dog."

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Track Dog (Jim McBroom's second entry) is the studio dog owned by Mike Greenup, lead guitarist for Human Noise. "Among his other duties, Jim tells us, Track Dog supervises our studio, The Dungeon At Castlewood, and controls visitor access. Track Dog is an 8-month old Golden Retriever/Lab mix...heavier on the retriever side. Outside, he collects anything he finds interesting or that we might need and leaves it at the studio door. That includes: rocks, sticks, car parts, aluminum siding and more!"

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Track Dog

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