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Luca Here is a picture of Bill Robinson's newest pooch, Luca. He came from a shelter and had been abused. He has has responded well to love and training. He gets along well with our other dog, Angel, who is now 12, and he doesn't seem to mind the cat. He has become my shadow. Sleeps under my desk all day and lives to catch the rope toy when we go outside for training and fun. He loves to ride in the car to the post office and other errands, a real company guy. Luca is absolute proof of how much pay back you can get from simple discipline, basic caring and respect for a kind animal. What a pooch!

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Producer Don (short for DonJuan) is famous for getting an artist's best performance in the studio. He can sniff the right take instinctively and and move those faders for his mentor/friend engineer/mixer Rafa Sardina. All that hard work for some delicious royalties, his favorite treat!!

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Maverick Selcuk Torun writes: "O.K. here's our security-officer called "Maverick". He is responsible for my studio but he doesn't care really, anyway... He is the sweetest dog on earth.

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