Institute Of Production And Recording IdeaWerks Program

By Barry Rudolph

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IPR staff giving their thanks to Avid, Digidesign and M-Audio.
From left: Eddie Ciletti, Erica West, J.P. Hungelmann, Matthias Saunders, Walter Chancellor Jr., Sandra Robinson, André Fischer, Brian "Champ" Harmon, Lance Sabin, Brian Jacoby, Steve Hodge, Eric Trelstad and Jessica Berg, alumnus and concert/events coordinator for the Minneapolis Parks.
Photos By Emma Freeman Photography
On May 31, 2009, music industry veterans, corporate sponsors, and national and community leaders participated in the inauguration of a city outreach program called Ideawerks ( With the Jackie Lee Robinson Foundation and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, the Institute of Production and Recording has re-established a free and unique multimedia arts education program at Powderhorn Park near downtown Minneapolis.Rechristened the Ideawerks Indigenous Creative Academy, it will provide deserving kids (ages 12 to 18) a creative, positive environment and the latest modern technological tools to create multimedia works such as albums and videos from start to finish. Within a converted park facility remodeled as a recording studio and multimedia lab, they will learn to use computers; multimedia software such as Avid Pro Tools and Express, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live; and recording equipment and instruments from Digidesign, Sennheiser, Shure and M-Audio.

An IPR graduate shows his sons Photoshop.
Led by longtime music business veteran and executive director of IPR's music industries André Fischer, members of IPR's certified instruction staff will teach an introductory curriculum that spans 12 weeks in the summer and 10 weeks during the school year.

In addition to IPR's professors, curriculum and teaching aides, IPR and the Jackie Lee Robinson Foundation have contributed state-of-the-art computers, multimedia software and digital recording equipment to the program. In addition, Fischer has secured corporate sponsorship and continued support for Ideawerks from Avid, Digidesign, Sennheiser, Ableton, Shure, M-Audio and Adobe Systems.

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