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Akai's DR8/DR16 Hard Disk Recorders

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Akai's commitment to their DR Series of hard disk recording and editing systems is enhanced with the addition of both the DR8's and DR16's optional SuperView monitor interface capability. The DR8/DR16 are standalone eight and sixteen track hard disk recording systems but with the simple addition of a Super VGA monitor and computer keyboard you can perform microscopic edits with up to five clipboards for storage of audio clips for pasting. All cues can be named and all transport commands are available on the keyboard. Edit command names are identical to Microsoft Word commands.

Both DR8 and DR16 have on-board 16-channel mixers with both snapshot and dynamic automation supported through an external MIDI sequencer. All flavors of time code including MTC or MIDI Clock w/SPP or MIDI Machine Control will sync your DR to any other machines. The very flexible DR's also support both AES/EBU, S/PDIF and eight or sixteen channel ADAT "Light-Pipe" digital I/O's for archiving or importing digital audio files. Backup options include: DAT; ADAT; T-DIF; SCSI DAT; Exabyte or SCSI disk copy.

Editing features include: Cut, Move, Insert, Erase, Delete, Slip and Nudge. All editing is non-destructive and you can store up to five "takes" or versions. A take is defined as any set of tracks up to eight. For much more about the Akai DR8 or DR16 systems you can contact Akai Musical Instrument Corporation at 1316 E. Lancaster Ave., Ft. Worth, TX 76102. Call them at 817-336-5114 or FAX 817-370-1271 WEB at:

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