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AKG's Emotion Series Microphones

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AKG Acoustics, part of Harman International, has kicked off their new Emotion™ Series line of low-cost and high performance microphones with two new, dynamic cardioid models.

Both especially designed for live performance, the D770 at $100 retail and the D880 at $110 combine traditional AKG quality with new design and manufacturing technologies. Both mics use neodymium magnet assemblies that produce a higher output than most other mics at this price. Inherent imperfections associated with low cost diaphragm manufacture has been eliminated by the development of Tiefzieh Varimotion Technology that allows manufacture tolerances usually reserved for only the most expensive studio mics.

Both the D770 and D880 utilize the new Doubleflex scheme that uses a two-way elastic suspension system that mechanically isolates the microphone capsule thus reducing handling noise. The D770 is an on-stage mic with a frequency response shaped for instrument and vocal performance.

The wide frequency response is slightly boosted in the mid and high frequencies for a crisp instrumental sound and, in the case of vocals, better intelligibility. Some specifications: 60 to 20,000Hz. frequency response, impedance is 600 ohms, weight is 10.2oz or 290 grams and max SPL is 147db for 1% distortion. Sonically, the D770 has a slight lift in the bass frequencies as compared to the D880.

The D880 is an on-stage supercardioid dynamic pressure gradient mic with a frequency response designed for lead and backup vocals. Wind and sibilance are reduce through the internal pop/wind filter. This internal filter is user removable and can be cleaned. Specifications are exactly like the D770 with differences explained by the supercardiod polar pattern.

Sonically, I would say that the D880 is slightly rolled-off in the bass frequencies (as compared to the D770) which is a good idea for live vocal situations where stage rumble and noises are excessive.

For more information you can contact Harman Pro North America, Inc. at Air Park Business Center 12, 1449 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37217. Phone them at 615-399-2199 or FAX 615-367-9046.

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