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AKG's Solid Tube Microphone

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AKG's Solid Tube microphone, at $1,195 retail, represents a whole new price/quality point for a studio quality microphone. The single-polar pattern (cardioid), large diaphragm, pressure-gradient tube condenser has a bass roll-off of -12dB @ 100 Hz and a -20dB attenuation pad. These are standard features in other studio mics costing up to four times as much.

The outboard power supply uses high voltage for lower noise and a ground lift to take care of possible ground loops. Also included with the mic are shock mount, mic stand adapter and a built-in "pop" screen. I liked the window feature where you can visually monitor the internal operation of the 12AX7 tube. The internal light provides an ambient glow in darkened recording studios. Singers will love this "love light".

For much more about this new mic, you can contact AKG Acoustics part of Harman Pro North America, Inc., at Air Park Business Center 12 on 1449 Donelson Pike, Nashville, TN 37217. Phone them at: 615-399-2199 or FAX 615-367-9046.


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