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AKG's WMS 300 Wireless Mics

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Using the same technology as the high-end WMS 900 UHF System, the WMS 300 is the new cost-effective high quality UHF wireless microphone system with ten different microphone combinations and a choice of 16 different frequencies over a 20mHz. band. Up to eight different WMS 300 units can operate at the same time without cross-interference. Since both the transmitters and receivers are frequency agile, if interference does occur, the user can just change channels.

The SR 300 receiver is a half-rack space unit and provides up to ten different microphone sets. The SR is a true diversity design so the audio feed is kept clean by the constant monitoring and sampling from two independent receivers and antennas. Once the internal "voting" circuit determines which signal has better audio quality, it is switched in silently without level jumps or noise. This monitoring, sampling, voting and switching process is constant and automatic.

On the transmitter side, you can choose among three microphone heads for the handheld and six different mics for the body pack units. The battery life on the WMS 300 transmitter is twelve hours continuous with alkaline batteries.

If you would like more information and pricing then contact AKG Microphones which is part of Harman Pro North America. The address is 8500 Balboa Blvd., Northridge, CA 91329. Call them at 818-830-8278 or FAX 818-830-7825.

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