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GT Electronics Three Condenser Mics

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GT Electronics, now part of Alesis, has three condenser microphones: the AM30 and AM40 are both front-addressed designed for close-miking of acoustic instruments or guitar amps and the AM11 is designed for vocals and acoustic instruments. The AM40, at $799, is a tube mic with a mid-size gold evaporated diaphragm in a front-address removable capsule.

You can buy two additional interchangeable capsules to change the cardioid mic into either an omni-directional or hypercardioid version. The AM30 at $499 uses a Class A FET preamp with good proximity effect and interchangeable capsules. The AM11 at $399 uses a six micron gold-evaporated, one-inch diaphragm on a brass capsule and is said to have a "fat" classic sound.

All three mics have switchable -10dB attenuator pads, 80Hz high pass (roll-off) filters and 20Hz to 20kHz performance. The AM40 tube mic comes with a power supply and custom shock mount and both the AM30 and AM40 come with fixed mounts and carrying cases. For much more contact GT Electronics, a division of Alesis at 800-5-ALESIS or visit:

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