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Alesis ION Analog Modelling Synth

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Alesis ION Analog Modelling Synth The ION harkens back to the good 'ol all analog synth days with a large control surface and well-spaced knobs, pots and controllers. But it would require a room full of old school analog synths to duplicate this powerful new synthesizer. Modern touches include: 160 X 160 graphic LCD display; 512 preset patches that are ALL re-writable; and a balanced input 24-bit stereo analog to digital converter for processing external audio through any of ION's 16 filter types and 40-band vocoder.

The ION has eight-voice polyphony (four part multi-timbral) and three oscillators per voice with continuously variable oscillator wave shapes that you can sync and/or FM. Besides those 16 filter types, you get two multimode filters per voice along with two LFOs, sample/hold and arpeggiator all MIDI syncable. There is a stereo master effects processor, four individual mono/stereo effect insert points and an extensive and easily programmable Modulation Matrix.

The keyboard has 49 full velocity sensitive keys; 31 knobs that are really 360 degree pots with 12-bit resolution for "zipper-free" tweaking compatible with most sequencers via MIDI; 69 buttons; pitch bend and two mod wheels; and both sustain and expression pedal input jacks. With internal power supply the Alesis ION sells for $999 MSRP. Contact Alesis in Los Angeles, CA. Telephone 310-821-5000 or visit or

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