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Allen & Heath Xone:62 Club Mixer

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Allen & Heath, English pro audio mixer manufacturer, has enter the DJ music mixer market with the Xone:62 Pro DJ Mixer. The 62 is a smaller version of the Xone:64 with six dual stereo inputs: four with RIAA/Line inputs and two Mic/Line inputs. Like the bigger 64, the Xone:62 has a four-band equalizer on each input with an extra 250Hz band for the all-important bass frequencies.

You can boost up to +6dB and cut up to -25dB and the entire EQ has an In/Out switch for quirky effects. Other good DJ things are: large lighted cue buttons, crossfade assign switches with LED indicators, signal present LEDs and 60mm stereo faders. Another interesting feature are the pair of stereo VCF or voltage controlled filters. These are the same filters found on analog synths that let you do expressive and creative things to your sound mix.

Allen & Heath also offer a good fix for crossfader wear and tear. The Xone:64 and 62 use VCA crossfaders for noise-free operation and programmable response time. The actual fader element can be replaced from the front panel. With headphone output jack and vertically mounted circuit boards, the Xone:64 and Xone:62 are from British manufacturer Allen & Heath distributed in the U.S. by Harman Music Group.

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