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Studio Suite is a complete software package that helps you organize and manage your recording, mastering, project, production or video post-production studio. A specialized relational database system, Studio Suite consists of 20 modules grouped by three main functions: Office, Studio and Tech.

The Office section handles: calendar, contacts, media inventory, supplies, bar codes, production orders, invoicing and recording budgets. Studio tracks: sessions; tape library and labeling; songs and track sheets; recalls and sample library. Tech takes charge of: equipment inventories; maintenance logs; patchbay labeling; part stock and everything else to do with your recording studios' rooms.

Since all of these functions interrelate, all the necessary accountant data entries and changes made in one section "ripple" through the program making the appropriate adjustments in other sections. For example if you ordered a roll of tape by phone and enter the event in Studio Suite, your tape inventory would update along with the balance paid or due. When a media expense is made against a production order it would be subtracted automatically from inventory.

It is impossible, in this small space, to cover everything this program helps you with but I especially liked the large detail screens such as the Linear Calendar and the Contact Pages that give you an immediate view of everything that is going on with your studio business.

Fully networkable across platforms like MAC and Windows 95/98/NT with five levels of security, Y2K ready and built-in spell checker, Studio Suite sells for $389 for a two-seat license. For more about it, you can contact AlterMedia at 800-450-5740 or WEB at: or e-mail to

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