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Dan Armstrong Guitar from Ampeg

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Ampeg has re-issued Dan Armstrong Plexiglas guitars that were popular in the late '60's. The Plexiglas bodies eliminate unwanted vibrations but increase sustain. There is a removable pickup system that lets you change between the two different pickups supplied. There are the "Rock Treble" and "Modern Drive" pickups featured on the original guitar and the bass pickups are unique in that they are two different pickups: one on top of the other.

The tone circuit on the guitar has a three-way switch with multiple preset positions while the tone circuit on the bass lets you remove the bottom coil for a vintage single coil sound. There are four models available: the ADAG1 guitar and ADAB1 bass guitar both in clear plexi and priced at $1,499; and then the ADAG2 and ADAB2 versions in black plexi priced at $1,549.

All the guitars feature hard maple neck, rosewood fingerboards with full access to the 24th fret. You also get a solid rosewood bridge with individual brass inserts and a bridge plate that allows for best string-to-body contact. For much more you should contact Ampeg at 314-727-4512 or FAX 314-727-8929

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