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The Ampex CDR product line now has both 63-minute/580MB and 74-minute/680MB recordable CD-R discs. Assuring compatibility with all CD formats, the Ampex CDR Series is up to full Orange Book standards as well as the ISO 9660 tech specifications for CD-I, CD-ROM, extended CD-ROM XA as well as CD-Audio. These new discs are fully certified for 2X, 3X, 4X or 6X normal play speeds.

All Ampex CDR's use a special top-surface data shield that protects the discs from scratches and abrasions. This top shield also allows you to write on the disc with any soft-tipped felt pen. Long term stability is assured by use of a special pthalocyanine dye that is more stable in high heat and humidity and has been proven to exceed the life of previous dye formulations. For much more information, you may contact Ampex Media Corporation at 401 Broadway M.S. 22-02, Redwood City, CA 94063-3199. Phone them at 415-387-4132.

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