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Wireless Model 1000 Headphones from Amphony

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Amphony The new wireless Amphony headphones use the 2.4Ghz radio band to transmit CD-quality digital audio from the transmitter base station to a pair of comfortable headphones. No audio or data compression is used and the error correction system ensures clear, static-free sound. The lightweight and comfortable headphones run for 100 hours on a pair of AA batteries. The system comes with a transmitter with RCA stereo audio input jacks that accept audio from your console or your stereo receiver/pre-amp.

With no more wires to tangle and individual headphone volume control, these are the greatest for the studio or just sitting by the pool to listen to your music as it plays on your stereo back in the house. The headphones have a neutral sound with good stereo separation and there is no noise at all. The 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Model 1000 Headphones from Amphony Model 1000 sell for $129 MSRP and additional sets of headphones are $79 each. For a dealer near you and much more, contact:

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