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The new AudioSuite edition of Ionizer is a high performance, 32-bit noise reduction and mastering tool. Ionizer is plug-in software compatible with Digidesign Pro Tools audio editing software, Emagic Logic Audio and Avid Media Composer 7.0 or Avid Xpress 2.0 non-linear video editing systems. A Power Mac-native application, Ionizer version 1.2.6 offers fast spectral analysis and 512 bands of gated EQ per channel, which can be used for dynamic noise reduction, equalization, limiting, compression and expansion. Ionizer includes special controls that eliminate the chirps, flanging and ringing artifacts associated with other NR products. Unlike other analog and digital EQs, Ionizer's linear phase filters offer equalization that is entirely free of phase interference. Ionizer is completely user-configurable, allowing applications such as limiting the low end, expanding the midrange and compressing the high end all in a single pass.

Ionizer also operates as a plug-in effect within any MacOS Premiere-compatible audio application, including Adobe Premiere, Macromedia DECK II, Opcode Vision and StudioVision, MOTU Digital Performer 2.1, Bias Peak, Emagic Logic Audio 3.0, Cakewalk Metro 4 and Gallery TurboMorph. Ionizer will additionally run in a stand-alone mode on any Power MacIntosh through Arboretum's HyperEngine shell. Ionizer works with the Mac built-in audio hardware with appropriate Sound Manager drivers, includes special direct support for Audiomedia II and III and the 1212 I/O.

Ionizer is manufactured and distributed by Arboretum Systems, Inc., and has a suggested retail price of $399.00. For much more you can contact Arboretum Systems Inc. at 75 Aura Vista, Pacifica California USA. Phone them at: 650-738-4750 or Fax: 650-738-5699 WEB at:

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