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Ionizer is just one the many new plug-ins available from Arboretum. Ionizer is a noise reduction system with 512 bands of EQ per channel. Ray Gun cleans up noisy vinyl and was originally a stand-alone program that ran on either MAC or a PC. It is now one of many new versions available as a plug-in for MAC or PC-based audio workstations. Arboretum's Hyperprism is a collection of 22 different plug in modules that add 24 different effects.

So you get effects like: bass maximizer, harmonic exciter, filters of all types, noise gates, pitch shifters, auto panners, flangers, chorus and much more. My personal favorites are: Bass Maximizer where you can "pump up" the bass without adding much electrical level to the mix; Tube-Tape Saturation that imparts an analog "glow" to digital sounds...very subtle but great; and Sonic Decimator, a way to lo-fi a perfectly pristine digital sound by lowering both the sample rate and bit depth. Harmony is an intelligent pitch processor and formant-based pitch shifter that automatically generates harmonies from a single vocal track.

Arboretum ports to such popular systems as: Pro-Tools/24 MIX TDM; MOTU that includes Digital Performer and Audio Desk; Logic Audio 2.5; and there are also stand-alone versions available for both MAC and PC's. For much more about Arboretum's full line, you can contact them at 650-738-4750 or FAX 650-738-5699 or e-mail at: or WEB at:

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