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Aria Pro's Couch Potato Guitar

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The Couch Potato guitar has a built-in amplifier and speaker that make it great for parties, practicing or backpacking/traveling. The guitar features a full-sized, 22-fret neck, tone controls and runs on a single nine volt battery. You could also plug the Potato into a regular guitar amp or use the headphone jack for privacy. The four-bolt maple neck has your choice of either a maple or rosewood fretboard with mother-of-pearl inlays. Selling for $400, the Model 5AMG-10 Couch Potato guitar comes with a single coil pickup, chrome hardware, die cast machine head tuners and adjustable bridge. Colors to go with the white pickguard are: metallic black, blue, red, and sea foam green as well as plain white. Try Aria USA at 856-663-8900 or Web to:

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