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ART DynaPak DynaPak is a recording package made up of Applied Research and Technology's Tube MP studio microphone pre-amplifier, which I have talked about here before, and the Taiwan-made Apex 850 dynamic microphone. The small, portable Tube MP solves a whole host of problems for the home recordist or project studio with its good sound and built-in OPL peak limiter to protect from overload. The low impedance, cardioid hand held Apex 850 mic is good for vocals as well as stage and instrument applications. Perfect for any singer, karaoke performances or just recording instruments, the 850 has an off/on switch, sturdy metal construction and 80-12,000Hz frequency response. The mic comes ready to use with a clip/holder and 21 foot professional XLR cable. MSRP is $139.00 and for more information, contact ART at 215 Tremont St., Rochester, NY 14608. Phone them at: 716-436-2720 or FAX at: 716-436-3942 Web to:

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