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Ashdown's AARII Acoustic Radiator Guitar Amp

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Ashdown's AARII Acoustic Radiator Guitar Amp The extremely powerful and compact AARII acoustic guitar amp belies the unit's easy operation. There is a total power of 150 watts RMS and two PA speakers that use eight-inch, 150-watt drivers and dual concentric tweeters. The notch filter and EQ sections have been simplified and now there is switchable phantom power on the XLR mic input. Effects come from an all-new digital reverb unit.

There is a choice of real wood, plywood or metal 'Resonator' cabinets in a range of finishes: cherry, walnut, Bakelite/MDF and plywood with vinyl covering in black book bound leather.

The Acoustic Radiator II is a twin channel unit with Channel 1 for active or high impedance piezo inputs and Channel 2 for low impedance or microphone inputs from either the 1/4-inch or XLR jacks. Both the mic and pick up inputs are mixed for the best sound from your acoustic guitar. Controls include: a phase switch to help with feedback rejection; input level control with VU meter; five-band equalizer with bass, mid-range, treble and tunable mid-range notch filters; and output level control and mute.

There are 16 different digital effects such as halls, plates, rooms, springs, and delays you can add to either channel. Finally, the Radiator II has a balanced post-EQ, XLR direct output for recording or PA use; a 0dB external effect send/return path; a tuner output separate from the footswitchable output and effect mute feature; and a 'link' function where a second Radiator II can be connected. Measuring only 12Hx15Wx7D inches and weighing only 14lbs or 6kg, the new AARII sells for £749 (Vinyl) or £925 (Cherry) and for more information contact Ashdown Music at

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