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Audio-Technica's AT3060 Tube Condenser Mic

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Audio-Technica's AT3060 Tube Condenser Mic The AT3060 is the latest addition to the 30 Series studio microphone line from Audio-Technica. The AT3060 has a new twist on an old technology. The AT3060 is a tube condenser mic that gets all its power from the 48-volt phantom power supply already built into your mixer or outboard mic pre-amp. There is no bulky external power supply or special cables to set up and plug in so the mic operates just like any transistorized microphone. You'll be getting the sound of a tube condenser with a lot less hassle and a lot less money. ($599 MSRP)

Inside a sub-miniature Raytheon 6418 tube is carefully shock-mounted for long life and minimal microphonics. (Where tapping on the tube might cause unwanted sound output) The precision-machined, silver-painted brass body is a cool look for A-T and there is a internal acoustical element baffle that's similar to the ones used within A-T's proven 40 Series microphone line.

The Mylar diaphragm is two microns thick, one-inch in diameter and gold vapor deposited. The capsule assembly, including the nickel-plated brass acoustic baffle, measures one and half inches and is the largest A-T has ever used. For much more about the AT3060 contact Audio-Technica in Stow, Ohio at 330-686-2600 or visit

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