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Cardioid AT4041 Microphone from Audio-Technica

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The AT4041 is called a pressure-gradient capacitor microphone and represents the newest addition to the 40 Series microphone line by Audio-Technica. Designed for pro recording and broadcasting, the '41 has a 20Hz to 20kHz response with a slight rise in the high frequencies. The shape, size and ability of this mic to take up to 145dB SPL before distortion makes this mic a good call for close drum miking.

The low-mass diaphragm improves transient response as well as handling and mechanical noise susceptibility. There is a built-in, switchable 80Hz.,12dB per octave high-pass filter to minimize rumble, wind noise or "popping" from close vocal use. Finished in a low-glare black, this rugged mic is housed in a turned brass tube not rolled, thin aluminum.

Other tech specs: standard 48 volt phantom powered, the output impedance is 100 ohms, dynamic range of 121dB and signal-to-noise ratio of 70dB. For more about it and current pricing, contact Audio-Technica at 1221 Commerce Drive, Stow, Ohio 44224. Call them at 216-686-2600 or FAX 216-688-3752. Web to:

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