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Audio-Technica's 7000 Series UHF Wireless

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The 7000 Series offers true diversity operation with up to 100 interference-free channels in the 700mHz band. There are two transmitter options: body-pack and handheld. The ATW-7375 UniPak Transmitter System consists of the ATW-R73 receiver and the ATW-T75 body-pack transmitter. The high input impedance of the transmitter makes it perfect for electric guitars or basses but there are also a wide assortment of mics with cables that include headworn and gooseneck rigs. The ATW-7376 handheld dynamic microphone uses an Audio-Technica Hi-ENERGY dynamic element with internal shock mounting.

The ATW-R73 receiver has two independent receiver sections built and shielded in an all metal housing. In true diversity mode, the better of the two signals received by the two receivers from the single transmitter is constantly "polled" and instantly "voted on" and used for audio output. This scheme reduces dropouts from dead spots and phase distortion caused by multiple radio signal paths from transmitter to receiver. The receiver is half-rack space sized so two receivers would fit into a single, 19-inch rack space.

Other necessary features are: both 1/4 inch and balanced XLR output jacks, adjustable volume and squelch and RF level/AF level/A receiver-B receiver status front panel indicators. Any of 100 channels in the 728 and 750 mhz. band can be selected by way of the switchable Phase-Locked-Loop carrier frequency synthesizer.

The ATW-7375 Uni-Pak System with body pack transmitter and ATW-R73 receiver is $975 while the ATW-7376 handheld transmitter system with the same receiver is $995. You can contact Audio-Technica U.S., Inc., at 1221 Commerce Drive, Stow, Ohio 44224. Phone them at 330-686-2600 or FAX 330-688-3752. WEB at:

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