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Roominators from Auralex

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Short of designing and building from the ground up, one way acoustic problems in existing studios or listening spaces are dealt with is to use near-field monitors and "divorce" much of the room's influence on the sound with various acoustical treatments. Roominators are complete acoustic control kits designed to tackle room acoustical problems of any size. Roominators are for use in project studios, listening rooms, home theaters, practice rooms or anyplace where accurate sound is important. Beginning at just $399, The three Roominator kits (Kit-1 Standard, Kit-2 Deluxe & Kit-3 Pro) come equipped with the acoustic control products you need to eliminate flutter and slapback echoes, tame nasty room nodes and control reflected sound waves.

Your desired level of sound control will determine which kit is right for your needs. Each comes with 2" foam panels and LENRD (Low End Node Reduction Device) Bass Traps, which when used together can effectively manage the propagation of full frequency bandwidth sound in virtually any size room. Kits 2 & 3 (Deluxe and Pro) also come with a special diffuser called T'Fusor that is said to allow you a wider "sweet spot" listening position and a sense of a larger three-dimensional space around the speakers.

For much more about these systems you can contact Auralex Acoustics at 8851 Haugue Road, Indianapolis, IN 46256. Call them at 800-959-3343.

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