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Autoscore from Wildcat Canyon Software

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Autoscore is a new software program for Windows computers that listens to you sing or play an instrument and then records and translates your playing into a musical score. (Mac version coming soon) All that is needed is a PC with a 386 processor running at least four mB of RAM and a sound blaster card.

Without requiring any keyboard skill or even a MIDI keyboard, Autoscore will instantly display and record your notes as you play or sing them. The notation will be on your computer screen immediately ready to be edited, played back and saved. Essentially, this system is a voice-to-MIDI converter with intelligent software for recognition, notation and editing.

Completely user friendly, the system uses a menu of features from which you can select: instrument filters; constrain to a pre-decided key (which automatically takes care of incorrect notes) and reference tones. These features are designed to cut missed notes to a minimum and make editing simple. Once your composition is recorded, the data can be then transmitted via MIDI to a sequencer and subsequently a MIDI synth. Autoscore comes with a microphone and music editing software for a suggested retail price of $150. For further info, contact Wildcat Canyon Software at 1563 Solano Avenue, Suite 264, Berkeley. CA 94707. Call them at 510-527-8425. Their URL is

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