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AfterBurner™ From Avery Dennison

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Afterburner AfterBurner is a CD labeling system by Avery Dennison Worldwide Office Products. The kit lets any consumer obtain professional results when printing and applying labels to music CDs, CD-ROMs or DVDs. The AfterBurner Applicator is a futuristic-looking, desk-top appliance that makes sticking on labels an idiot-proof process. AfterBurner also includes PC labeling software to design and print both the CD labels and the jewel box insert cards on any ink-jet printer. The $29.99 kit comes with 20 white matte labels and six insert cards but you can order refill packs of white matte coated at $14.99, glossy metallic or clear labels for $17.99, or jewel insert packs in either glossy or matte at $17.95 and $14.95. For much more about this as well as any other Avery Dennison brands, visit: or call 800-462-8379.

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