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Berkley Integrated Audio Software or BIAS makes Peak 2.1, a fully professional digital audio editing tool for MacIntosh computers. You can process, record and edit stereo sound files in 8,16, 24 and 32-bit depths and up to10mHz sample rates. Peak has always supported DAE™ and therefore all TDM™ and Audiosuite™ plug-ins as well as all Digidesign hardware. Furthermore Adobe Premiere audio plug-ins will run in real-time within Peak. SMPTE synchronization and encoding files to MP3, Shockwave™ and RealAudio™ are all now possible in this single new program.

The 2.1 upgrade supports any ASIO-compatible sound card, including the MOTU 2408/1224, Event Layla/Gina/Darla, E-mu APS, Digidesign Pro Tools Project II and Audio Media III, Sonorous STUDI/O, Yamaha DSP Factory, Lexicon Core 2, and RME DIGI Series. Since most CD burners are supported, you can directly burn CD's using the playlist within the program. A Quicktime™ movie window has also been added that is compatible with Peaks' scrubbing capabilities. There is a window that displays markers, regions and loops contained in an audio file. You can drag a region from this window right into the playlist.

Support for Yamaha's A3000, Ensoniq ASR-X and PARIS systems has also been added to allow for sample sound file editing. Peak 2.1 sells for $499, and upgrades from Peak 2.0 to 2.1 are free. Upgrade pricing from older versions is available on the BIAS Web site: Contact BIAS Inc. at 707-782-1866.

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