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Bixonic Expandora

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I have to admit I was first attracted to this one by the name. It turns out that the Japanese-made Expandora distortion pedal is one of those little secrets that top guitar players like to guard. The Expandora is housed in a cylindrical, brushed aluminum chassis with engraved graphics. There are Gain, Tone and Level controls with a LED active indicator with standard 9-volt adapter jack. Inside the unit are two DIP switches (that's Dual Inline Position). The back of the unit is easy to access by way of single, self-retaining thumb screw.

By adjusting different combinations of these switches and the front panel controls, you can "dial in" the exact mode best suited to your playing style and music. The Expandora is dynamically sensitive so that backing down your instruments volume control will lower the amount of distortion. I am waiting for the Bixonic Mothra Flanger, Gamera Delay and Godzilla Crunch pedals.

(I'll be waiting a long time!) Complete with one-year full parts and labor warranty, the Bixonic Expandora sells for $229. Check Godlyke Distributing at P.O. Box 4677 Wayne, NJ 07474-4677 or call 973-835-2100 or e-mail them at:

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