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Expandora II from Godlyke

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Expandora II The EXP-2001 Bixonic Expandora II is the new upgraded version of the original Expandora that I review here at New Toys a while ago. Essentially the same pedal with the coolest tones, the II replaces the internal DIP switch with an external Drive control. The original unit required removal of the back of the case to set up the basic tone and sound of the pedal. The Drive control lets you adjust sound anytime and get all of the tones of the original pedal. The Drive control adds to the already familiar control knob trio: Gain, Tone and Level. The Expandora II has an increased low frequency range for even fatter tones without losing any of the responsiveness of the original Expandora. The unit has a heavy-duty bypass footswitch and a new, retro-style steel case.

Made in Japan, the Expandora II sells for $229 MSRP and includes a trippy LED effect status/input level indicator, AC adapter jack and easy-access battery compartment for a single nine-volt. All the Bixonic gear comes with a one-year warranty and is available through Godlyke Distribution at P.O. Box 4677 Wayne, NJ 07474-4677 or call 973-835-2100. Visit the Web site at:

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