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The Boomerang Phrase Sampler

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The Boomerang Phrase Sampler is a digital audio recorder for use in live performance. The Boomerang is a self-contained floor pedal that will record up to 32 seconds of 16kHz, bandwidth audio from your guitar, synth or microphone, play it back and allow you to play and add other parts or harmonies. This layering, "sound-on-sound" process goes way back to the old Echoplex units and also was the very first primitive "overdubbing" method in the recording studio. The Boomerang's use of modern technology enables you to revisit this lost playing style and technique in a fresh, new way.

The audio is digitized and stored in RAM (random access memory) so there is no tape loop or any media to replace nor is there a dirty recording head to clean like the old Echoplexes. Because the Boomerang is digital, successive layers are "merged" or mixed with previous layers with little degradation. Being digital also means that the audio can be reversed for instant backward guitar parts and solos. To aid in this process, the live direct signal can be muted during record (Thru Mute) so that only the reversed signal is heard. The comprehensive set of controls allows you to: start and stop the recorded loop (Record/Play and Play/Record buttons); stack as many parts as you want (Stack button); change direction anytime even while recording successive parts (Reverse button); switch to half-speed recording or playback for learning or transcription (Speed button); and do stuttering effects (Once button). After recorded, the loop can be a "one-shot" (Once button) or loop endlessly over and over. The unique foot-controlled, onboard output level wheel lets you adjust the volume of your loop leaving your hands free.

The standard Boomerang sells for $459 retail at your local music store. For much more about it, contact Boomerang Musical Instruments at: P.O. Box 541595 Dallas, TX 75354-1595. Made here in America, phone them at 800-530-4699. E-mail to and WEB at:

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