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Peavey and Cakewalk have join forces to produce StudioMix™. StudioMix™ is an integrated hardware control surface and multitrack digital audio computer recording software system. The Peavey-built StudioMix console has nine motorized fader, 14 "soft" buttons and 18 rotary encoders. All buttons and encoders are assignable and the system comes with an audio mixer and everything you will need to connect to and from your computers' sound card. Cakewalk's StudioMix software allows you to configure the hardware controller and then record, edit, and mix music on your PC. The software allows for playback of up to eight, simultaneous and separate digital audio tracks. There is also room for many additional "virtual tracks" that can be selected for playback. Real-time audio, SMPTE/MTC synchronization, staff notation editing and printing, MIDI effects processing and mixing are all supported via this software package.

The complete "plug and play" StudioMix has a suggested MSRP of $900 and will be co-marketed by both Peavey and Cakewalk. For much more about it, you can contact Cakewalk at 5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge MA 02142. Call them at 617-441-7870, FAX at 617-441-7887 or WEB at

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