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Cakewalk Pro Audio 8 features 24-bit and 96kHz audio, MIDI plug-ins, integrated video support, an enhanced 32-bit mix engine along with advanced mixing. This is a MIDI and digital audio workstation for Win 95/NT computers that can also use 16, 18, 20, or 22 bit rates. The real-time MIDI effects feature allows users to patch effects on MIDI tracks non-destructively in real-time just like audio effects. Real-time effects include: quantize, delay/echo, filter, transpose, velocity shift, chord analyzer and arpeggiator. Pro Audio 8 supports AVI, QuickTime and MPEG and the software features sample-accurate synchronization of video to audio. You may scrub audio tracks along with the on-screen video in sync as well as loop video, audio and MIDI together and save audio tracks back to new re-edited video files.

The 32-bit mix engine means more simultaneous audio tracks for playback, more real-time effects and lower latency when applying effects. The advanced audio mixer lets you do non-destructive automation by drawing level changes directly onto audio clips as well as adding sync points "on the fly."

Pro Audio 8™: is priced at $299 with the Deluxe version selling for $399. Cakewalk is at 5 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142. Phone them at 617-441-7870 or WEB at:

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