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Carvin's FX2 Effects Processor

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Carvin's FX2 Effects Processor

Carvin has a new entry in the digital effects processor field with the FX2, a 24-bit unit with dual stereo effect processor/engines. Requested by musicians, the FX2 uses real knobs instead of a typically confusing and complicated graphical user interface where you have to "drill down" through screen after screen looking for a good sound.

Using the FX2 is simple: just dial up the effect type be it a reverb, echo, chorus or flange. The main parameters, Regeneration, Time, Decay, Depth, Speed, Damping, and Reverb Level are all available on separate knobs for quick adjustment.

The two independent stereo effects have 256 effect choices each and the unit has rugged all-steel construction, 1/4-inch jacks, and built-in power supply. Other professional features include stereo in/out connections, a Link Switch for connecting two effects together, and a footswitch bypass jack that uses the optional FS22 pedal. The Carvin FX2 sells for$295 MSRP or factory-direct via for $179.99.

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