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Cassell's 10-String Bajo Quinto Guitar

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Cassell's 10-String Bajo Quinto Guitar Cassell's Music has the Guillermo Roberto Bajo Quinto guitar. Bajo Quinto is a ten-string version of the popular Bajo Sexto, a twelve-string baritone guitar used in Tex-Mex Ranchero or "Norteno" music. With its roots in German Polka music, Mexican Ranchero music ensembles always have a Bajo Sexto player along with an accordion player. The Cassell Bajo Quinto has a thin, semi-hollow classic guitar body shape with a cedar top and alder body. A fast-action, bolt-on maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and string-through-the-body design is used for better sustain. I like the 'bigote' mustache-shaped bridge and the L.R. Boggs/EMG acoustic pickup and pre-amp system. The Guillermo Roberto is $2,500 MSRP and for much more contact Cassell's Music at 901 N. Maclay St., San Fernando, CA 91340. San Fernando is home to many bajo sexto players. Call 818-365-9247 or visit

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