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Combinator from Carl Martin

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Combinator From Denmark comes the Combinator from a company called Carl Martin. The Combinator is a super simple footswitch unit that lets guitarists store combinations of effect pedals for instant recall. Up to eight stomp boxes can be connected to the Combinator and used in eight different programs for instant recall. The eight high quality switches preclude the usual "bank up/down" method so programming is simple: select one of the eight program footswitches, activate the "soft switch" for each of the pedals you'd like in that patch program and press store.

Without MIDI but with eight, nine volt power supply connectors, one for each pedal, the Combinator itself is powered by a detachable AC power cord and measures 20 X 7 inches. Selling for $600 MSRP, the Combinator will be available in November. For more information contact: European Musical Imports, Inc. P.O. Box 68 Hillsdale, NJ 07642. Phone: 201-594-0817 or FAX 201-594-0829 or E-mail to: or Web to:

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