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CR Series Double Basses from NS Design

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CR Series Double bass from NS Design The Czech-Republic-built CR Series Double bass comes in either four or five string versions with optional low impedance EMG™ magnetic pickups. As like all NS Designs, this is another Ned Steinberger creation that uses solid rock maple for the body covered with a flame maple top. The traditional-shaped neck has an ebony fingerboard and Schaller 20:1 tuners finished in black. Polar™ bridge-mounted piezo pickups come standard and they sense either lateral string vibrations, better for bowed playing, or vertical vibrations, better for plucking. You can also select both directions at the same time. Active EQ and electronics include an 18-volt pre-amp with individual bass and treble controls and a blend control for mixing piezo and magnetic pickups. The collapsible chrome stand comes standard and is fully adjustable for height, tilt and 'right bout' angle.

Complete with padded tubular gig bag with a total weight of just 18 pounds, the CR Series MSRP prices are: NSDBCR-4 at $2,800, the NSDBCR-4M at $3,200, NSDBCR-5 is $3,200, and the NSDBCR-5M is $3,600. For much more, contact NS Design in Nobleboro, ME. Telephone 866-673-3744 or visit

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