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Pulsar is a new system for either PC or MAC computers that provides complete virtual synthesizer, sampler and mixer functions all on your desktop. The system consists of a single PCI card that goes inside your computer and CD-ROM software. You can pick from any number of synths and effects and program them on-screen. There are monophonic synths similar to MiniMoogs, FM synths and wavetable-based synths. By way of virtual patching, you can configure these synth building blocks into powerful and unique patches that can be saved, recalled or copied into other sound patches. The mixer allows you to setup audio and MIDI patches for each song and endlessly alter them.

Creamware's new Pulsar II PCI card features six Analog Devices SHARC DSP chips for a 50% increase over Pulsar I. So you can have more synths, more effects, a bigger mixer and more polyphony. Pulsar II has a second independent S/TDM bus for integration with other DSP cards from the Creamware SCOPE family. The system features 20 I/O's: stereo analog, stereo S/PDIF, 2 ADAT Lightpipes and 24-bit/96 kHz AD/DA converters. You can also add another daughterboard with three more ADAT interfaces. Other new features are: shelving EQs, new compressors, new limiters and new modules such as a step sequencer and drum and morphing oscillators. Pulsar II works with ASIO, ASIO 2.0, EASI, MME, DirectSound, tripleDAT, OMS drivers and Sound Manager.

Version 2.0 will be made available to users of existing Pulsar systems as a free update. Pulsar II is scheduled for release in May 2000 with software for Windows and Mac, and a MSRP of $1,398. For much more information on this fantastic new way of making music, contact Creamware in Germany at 49 2241 5958 or Web to:

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