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FREQue (pronounced freak) is the top of the line of FwS Series Effectors from DACS. The FREQue unit contains two ring modulators each with its own oscillator. Packaged in a two-rackspace case, this is another member of the new class of "playable" audio and musical effect units. Each ring modulator has a music input, external modulation input and two control voltage inputs for externally frequency modulation of the two oscillators.

You have several choices about exactly how the two rings are modulated: separately through the two internal oscillators; tracked where Oscillator 2 feeds the modulation input of both rings; two external control voltage for each ring; and internal FM where Oscillator 1 modulates Oscillator 2. To get wacky, you can switch "on the fly" all the above methods to play along with the musical track you are processing.

As a frequency shifter, each frequency at the Music input can be shifted up or down by the frequency setting of Oscillator 2. In addition, there are also spectral controls for each of the music inputs called Weight and Edge, that modify the bottom and top of the sound. All of these permutations are immediately available in real-time on the front panel of this striking looking unit and lend an immediate appeal to all closet "knob tweakers" out there. (Yours truly included)

I found the FREQue so much good fun, it is difficult to know when to stop playing and settle on any one of a million different sonic treatments. Effects from sci-fi and techno-flavored with percussion inputs to more subtle dreamy atmospheres with sustain pad inputs are all easy to achieve. For much more about this one, you should contact DACS distributed by Independent Audio at 207-773-2424 or E-mail at: or Web to:

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