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D'Addario's EXP Coated Acoustic Strings

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D'Addario unveiled part of their secret manufacturing process for EXP Extended Play Coated acoustic guitar strings by describing that a special coating is applied before the phosphor bronze wrap wire is wound on a high-carbon hex core. It is said that because the wrap wire is coated first, the strings retain the same feel and sound of regular bronze and last up to four times longer. Apparently these strings were time-tested under the extreme conditions of smoky and beer-soaked bars in Ireland. They held their sound and brightness for over four consecutive nights in this torturous, test situation.

There are five sets offered of EXP Acoustic guitar strings: EXP15 (extra-light), EXP26 (custom light), EXP16 (light), EXP17 (medium). All sell for $23.99. EXP38 is the twelve-string pack and they sell for $39.99. For much more about these strings contact J. D'Addario & Company at 595 Smith Street, P.O. Box 290, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Call them at 631-439-3300 or FAX at 631-439-3333. Visit:

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