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DDP Digital Dynamics Processor From dbx

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Combining all the popular dbx dynamic processes of: gating, compression, limiting, de-essing and EQ, the DDP is a one rackspace digital processor that belies the $599 retail price.

A full stereo or dual mono processor, the DDP uses Type IV 24-bit A/D and D/A converters with the option to add AES/EBU or S/PDIF digital output when you want to stay in digi-land. While digital, all parameters, all settings, all utilities, signal routing, sample rate, MIDI...everything can be saved as a preset in the unit. Fifty factory presets covering ever conceivable dynamic control situation come with the DDP and there are fifty more slots for your own edited presets. You get a large backlit LCD display with a very intuitive menu of graphics and icons that makes adjusting and setting up a sound no big whoop. One of my favorite features is the extensive metering and a high-res graphical display that shows exactly what is going on in real time with the signal as it is processed.

Compressor controls include: threshold, ratio, gain, attack and release. Gating parameters are: threshold, ratio, gain, auto, attack, and release. Other very pro things are: both XLRs and 1/4 inch balanced inputs and outputs; dbx's Variable Transient Capture Mode that was previously only available in the high-end dbx Super Gate; OverEasy with Vari-Knee compression ratio algorithms as well as hard knee thresholds; variable de-essing from 800Hz to 8kHz; 12dB of boost or cut full-bandwidth EQ; sidechain monitoring; and dbx's TSE or Tape Saturation Emulation that is said to impart the pleasing overloaded sound of an over-recorded analog tape recording.

For much more about the DDP you can write dbx Professional Products at 8760 South Sandy Parkway, Sandy, Utah 84070. Call them at 801-568-7660 or FAX 801-568-7662 or E-mail to: or WEB at:

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